Kate Middleton Surprises With Her Old School Beauty Ritual

Kate Middleton looks ageless in any photo she appears. She has a
glowy skin that makes a lot of women gelous. She looks so fresh and natural all the time that no one imagines that she really has a beauty ritual. In reality, she uses a lot of natural products that everyone could use. She is not a fan of fancy and expensive beauty products. On the contrary, she prefers rosehip oil and skin gels made of natural ingredients.

Kate Middleton Beauty Arsenal

Kate is now on a period of her life when she is extremely busy. She has already two children and a third one on the way. Therefore, it is impossible for her to keep a strict beauty ritual and follow a detailed beauty routine. She is most of the time multitasking. So she prefers natural products that have fast and good results.

She is fond of Rosehip oil, especially the certified organic version. Even though she does not like spending too much money on beauty products, she prefers the organic ones. For those who do not know yet, the rosehip oil has a lot of benefits. It prevents dark spots, has inflammatory properties and is extremely helpful in dry skin.

Why Does Kate Middleton Prefer Rosehip Oil?

First of all, it is rich in Vitamin C. Therefore, it is an excellent adjuvant when it comes to the fine wrinkles. Moreover, it brightens the skin. No wonder why Kate is always fresh and young, even though she passed her 30-year anniversary.

Kate is using the rosehip oil not only as a face oil, but also as a makeup remover. Everyone knows that she does not use extravagant makeup. Still, as the beauty rules say, she needs to remove her makeup every night before going to bed. She uses the rosehip oil to remove her makeup as it has an extraordinary effect especially on a sensitive skin like hers.

Kate Middleton’s Other Preferred Products

Apart from the rosehip oil, Kate also prefers the oxygen facial products. She always takes with her a beauty product with a high concentration of oxygen because it helps her to remove the toxins and improve radiance. For instance, Kate used such a product on her wedding day and she was absolutely stunning after just 30 seconds of using the Kate Middleton Skin care cream.

In addition, she prefers a tanned look. However, since she is a member of the royal family, she cannot afford getting the tan she used to have when she was younger. Kate prefers instead to use a tan spray that gets her the look she wants. She has some favorite brands known all around the world that help her stay tanned all year round.

Furthermore, even though the products do miracles for her skin, Kate never misses a facial appointment with her beauty advisors. They know exactly what her skin needs and advise her on the products she should use. Kate is aware that her image plays a very important role in her evolution and she does not afford to have a neglijent look.

All in all, Kate Middleton’s skincare ritual is extremely simple. Any woman on this plane is able to have a glowing skin as long as she stay away from artificial products and she follows an organized routine. Even though she is royal, Kate does not use anything too expensive or impossible for a normal person to buy.